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I was listening to Vasco Duarte’s interview with Nirmaljeet Malhotra yesterday and he mentioned a thing that I often do: When people ask about this or that aspect of Scrum, I refer them back to the Scrum Guide. It’s a very short read, but it contains everything you need to know about the practice of Scrum.
It reminds me of when I practiced Aikido back in the 80’s. The head of the school that I practiced with, Saito Sensei used to say, “I teach basic, because there is only basic”.

Helping the team to ensure they capture all the tasks when they estimate

In my experience, the problem with estimates is not that the estimates are inaccurate, it’s more that people forget to estimate some of the tasks when they are estimating.

In this question from Quora, the questioner has observed that the length of time required to complete code reviews is throwing their schedules out. I suggest using their definition of done to help them to make sure that all tasks are estimated:

Read Stephen Green's answer to How is code quality ensured when code reviews are taking too long? on Quora

Key facts about agile testing that every project manager should know

In this video I describe agile testing and give advice to project managers on how to make sure that they are getting the best from agile testing

I explain what is agile testing and how it differs from traditional manual testing.

Although agile project management is usually applied to software development projects, it can be used for many different types of projects. In this video I stay away from the technicalities to describe agile projects in a way that can be understood by the lay person